John Carleton has always managed to reinvent,
“re-cognize,” reevaluate and recycle; knowledge, experience and creativity.

After time spent heading up the organized crime and anti-fraud section of the Securities and Exchange Commission, he repurposed his legal expertise as a lawyer to fund, develop and manage real estate projects. He then helped develop and fund Buddhist retreat and mediation centers and began writing screenplays.

John is a collector of objects and ideas. His creative magic is evident in his new body of work “FACES” at the es Posible Gallery at el Pedregal at the Boulders in Scottsdale, Arizona

Artist John Carleton


“Faces are fascinating. They command attention. Human faces come to represent perceptions of who we seem to be, somehow reflecting out essence…facial expressions are the main nonverbal way we communicate with each other.

…do all objects of attention relate to all others?


Manufactured objects usually do not have this ability to communicate emotion. They are designed to be functional, not expressive. By deconstructing familiar objects, then regrouping them into a facial portrait that speaks emotionally to the viewer, disparate objects reflect the potential aliveness of the entire universe. Unrelated, apparently lifeless forms can be at once alive…surprising, stimulating and redefining of reality. Perhaps all “distinct” objects are in fact related.”

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